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“Pinders” manufacture a range of coating blades for various coating applications and our aim is to adapt to special needs in the coating blade required for a specific operation. Coating blades are custom-made to suit individual purpose and we maintain a close relationship with our customers to meet delivery requirements.

Coating blade applications include:
· Textile Coating
· Airbag Coating
· Floor covering
· Flooring
· Coated Paper and Uncoated Paper
· Self Adhesive Coating
· Adhesive Labels and Self Adhesive Labels
· Flexible Packaging
· Adhesive Tape
· Thermal Coating
· Laminate Coating
· Acryllic Surface Binding

Coating Types
· Gravure Coating· Knife on Roller· Knife on Air


Hardened & Tempered Carbon Steel Coating Blade
· Widths to 150mm· Gauges 0.15mm to 2mm (Thicker gauges possible though material may vary)

Stainless Steel Coating Blade
· Widths to 150mm· Gauges 0.15mm to 1mm (Thicker gauges possible though material may vary)

Polyester Coating Blade, Plastic Coating Blade
· Widths to 150mm· Gauges 0.35mm and 0.5mm (single thickness blade)

Edge Finishes

Bevelled Edge Blade Square Edge Blade Round Edge Blade
(chamfered edge blade) (pre honed smooth edge) half round full round

Other Blade Features

Slots, Slotted Blade, Holes, Profiles, Profiled Blade

Backing Blade - Back Up Blade - Support Blade

We manufacture and supply custom-made backing blades or support blades to suit your requirements. Backing blades can provide extra rigidity to support your coating blade in certain blade operating environments.
Available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Gauges from 0.15mm to 2mm

Further Information on material and edge selection for Flexo & Gravure Printing